FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (for Carnival Cruiseline)

What time should we arrive at the port?
We suggest that all parties be at the port by noon, but no later than 3:30pm.

Is there a doctor on the ship?
Yes, a qualified physician and nurse from the cruise line’s medical staff are on call 24 hours a day.  A professional fee will be
charged.  If you should come down with a contagious disease, or even suspect a   contagious disease, it is compulsory that you
report it to the ship’s doctor for the safety of everyone on  board.  Should you be on any medication, or want the medical staff
to be aware of any special needs, please contact the infirmary.  This will ensure they will be prepared should you need assistance.

What if I have a special medical requirement?
To a feasible extent, cruise lines seek to accommodate guest with special needs.  For example, service animals are permitted
onboard ships if prior arrangements have been made at the time of booking.  Guests with special needs, such as a guest in a
wheelchair, may find it necessary to bring along a companion to  assist or make alternative arrangements.

Are all tips included?
Onboard tipping is regulated by the cruiseline  (covers dining and cabin steward)--this is added to your onboard Sail and Sign
account.  Most groups have a locked in prepaid price.  This will be reflected on your invoice.  Also, you will have to tip the Long
Shore Men who handle the baggage at the pier terminal.   They are not employed by the cruise line.  The customary tip is $1.00
per bag.  You do not tip for carryon luggage.  Check with Travelin', Inc. to see if your group has prepaid gratuties.

Which beverages are complimentary?
Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, assorted teas, iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch, apple and                         
orange juices, milk, hot chocolate and tap water.  You will be charged if you open any beverages that are already in your cabin.

Are the sodas or other refreshments in the refrigerator or on the counter in the cabin included?
No, these items are optional at an extra expense.  Also, they cannot be purchased as part of the “Soda Card” program (you may
purchase your “Soda Card” at an extra cost at the ship’s information desk).

What is the policy for bringing and purchasing beverages onboard?
Alcoholic beverages will not be sold or served to anyone under the age of 21 nor are they allowed to be  brought on board.  
Small amounts of non-alcoholic drinks are acceptable to bring with you, but not in large quantities.

What is the dress code in the dining room?
Depending on the evening the attire may vary.  At no time are bare feet, swimming suits, shorts and T-shirts permitted in the
dining room area during dinner.

Are there other dining options for dinner?
Yes, casual dining is available every evening.

How is the seating arranged in the dining room?
You will be assigned a table based on your request, i.e. cross reference with two other couples...we will put you at a table for 6
etc (subject to availability)

What should I pack?
Casual attire is the order of the day, both onboard and ashore.  For one or two nights (depending on the length of trip), a dark
suite or formal attire is suggested.  For evenings, the dining dress code for men ranges from sports coat and tie to casual
sportswear and for the woman, a dress or dress slacks to casual  resort wear.  Regardless of the destinations...the ship can be
cool on deck (winter months can be colder)...the ship is usually cool in the public areas as well--a light weight jacket is

Is there a limit to the amount of luggage I can bring?
No, there is no set limit to the amount of luggage brought onboard as long as it fits in the guest’s cabin.     However, if a guest is
flying to the port, the airlines do have restrictions.  It is the responsibility of each guest to check with the airline directly.

Is there any baggage protection?
We highly recommend that all guests purchase a vacation protection policy covering baggage and contents and accidents.  If you
choose not to purchase insurance, the cruise ship’s liability is limited and may not  cover your loss.  The cruise ship cannot
accept liability for loss or theft of money, jewelry or other valuables left in the stateroom or public areas on-board.  Safe deposit
boxes are available in our stateroom  or at the Purser’s Desk.

Are toiletries available?
Most cruise lines provide a hospitality pack in your bathrooms providing soaps, shampoos, etc.  You can purchase forgotten
items in the ship’s gift shops.

Do I bring my own towels for the pools and beach?
No, towels are provided on the pool deck and are available for beach days.  Towels that are not returned will be charged to your

What is the policy for gambling?
Guests must be at least 18 years old to enter the casino.

Are there movies onboard?
Yes, first-run movies on TV in your room.  The ratings vary.  Some ships provide additional movies in  lounges during the day.

Are there shops onboard?
Yes, duty-free shops, they are closed while in port.

Spa & Gym-
Guest must be at least 17 in order to use the gym/spa facilities onboard.
Spa services (facials, etc) are at an extra cost.

Is there internet onboard?
Yes, there is an Internet Cafe onboard for a small fee and most ships have wi-fi in your cabin for a fee.

Will I be able to call home from the ship?
Yes, BUT ship to shore connections are VERY expensive.  Use a phone card from the port.  
Some cell phones also work in port--check with your carrier.

What time should I schedule by return flight?
A flight departing noon or after is recommended.