The Distinctive Spanish Kitchen Design

The Distinctive Spanish Kitchen Design

If you want to have a kind of one of a kind style in your kitchen, consider using the Spanish kitchen design as the idea of the decoration. The main characteristic of this style is the placement of the countertop island right in the center of the kitchen itself. It is the main spot of works inside the kitchen. The point is to create a cozy and also inviting atmosphere inside the kitchen for everyone that will be possible to work along together in that island.

Moreover in the Spanish kitchen decor, space is one key feature which is also a reason that the counter island is placed in the center. Basically the center located island is a kind of multi functional spot. Aside of just being used as the spot to prepare the meals, the island could also be used to eat the prepared meal together afterwards.

The countertop of this style usually made of ceramic tiles just as the backsplash

The ceramic tiles are so common to be painted to create a mode decent look. Wood, clay, or stone are natural materials that are commonly used as the flooring materials. In terms of the lighting of Spanish kitchen design, antique hanging lights are commonly used.

Spanish kitchen design is one decent style of kitchen decor. It has its counter island at the center which is also the center spot of every activity inside the kitchen itself.